In the city

This image was taken at a traffic light. The city had the flowers planted on the median. Three quick clicks, and the light turned green. Cities have lots of places of surprising beauty, but we’re often in such a hurry, or so focused on the next task, that we don’t notice them. Sometimes they requireContinue reading “In the city”


This example of construction worker humor — a work glove in a concrete washout pan — made me think of how to document humorous situations in nature. We can take pictures of animals in odd poses and then enhance them with funny captions. But this kind of humor often comes at the expense of theContinue reading “Humor”


The anhinga is also called a snakebird because it sits low in the water with almost only the neck and head showing. This makes people sometimes think that there’s a snake in the water. The anhinga doesn’t have oily feathers, which means they get wet and the bird needs to leave the water and dryContinue reading “Anhinga”

The Moon

We love gazing at the moon, especially when it’s fully visible, like this. I’ve taken images of the full moon rising over the Sandia mountains in New Mexico, a thrilling endeavor when I found the perfect spot for it. But lately I have also looked at the moon as it waxes day by day, andContinue reading “The Moon”

Stacked up

Sometimes things surprise us, like this little “man” made from stacked-up stones in California. A friend and I were spending a few days there prior to a professional conference, and I pointed out this stone structure from afar. “Let’s check it out,” she said, and we did. Totally worth it. These are the surprises IContinue reading “Stacked up”