When I was a child, my friends and I loved flying kites. Each of us had our favorite design; mine was a soaring hawk. I would look up at my kite, high in the sky, and dream of one day seeing a real hawk, not one printed on clear plastic. Since then, I have seenContinue reading “Soaring”


I love pelicans. They are portly, short-legged, slightly awkward-looking with oversized, pouchy bills. Sitting on the ground, they remind me of dignified old gentlemen at an English club. Brown pelicans are equally wonderful to watch, a complete delight for me. White or brown, I adore them, especially when they fly. Their elegance and grace areContinue reading “Pelicans”

Interesting insight

Today’s pictures are random. They just illustrate something I learned recently, something I found very interesting. When I first started sharing pictures on social media, I gave explanations of what the images showed. Look at this yellow-rumped warbler, or look at the beautiful markings on that stone figurine above. And some people liked it, butContinue reading “Interesting insight”


Corvids are birds–they have nothing to do with the infamous virus of a similar name–and include crows, ravens, jays, and others. Pictured above is a rook, this one happened to be in France. I love all birds but have a special fondness for corvids, especially ravens. I grew up with crows all around me butContinue reading “Corvids”


I love graffiti, although I admit that it can get out of hand. People living in apartment buildings may not love having someone else’s artistic expression on their front door, and that does happen. But on walls that would otherwise be empty, such as the outside of this factory, graffiti adds value. This image wasContinue reading “Graffiti”


The lotus flower is beautiful, iconic, beloved. I live near several lakes where lotus grows, and seeing the different stages through the year is a privilege and a joy for me. The bud sitting on a tall stalk is a promise of rich colors. Soon the yellow center will present itself. Insects, birds, and otherContinue reading “Lotus”