So fortunate

Roseate spoonbills are so interesting to watch. I love their color and their shapely bill. I never tire of watching them, grateful to have access to such beauty. When they shake themselves they make me think of feather dusters, which is unfair, of course. But watching them bathe and preen their feathers is quite entertaining.Continue reading “So fortunate”


I love flowers. I love their structure, their colors, their variety, their fragrance… how can anyone not love them? Taking closeups of flowers has taught me a lot about their structure and revealed a few things I had not noticed before. Gerber daisies have a purple stripe on the orange petals… who knew? This discoveryContinue reading “Flowers”


This is how most people see Grackles: Loud, obnoxious with an in-your-face attitude. They are quite aggressive with each other even when there is plenty to eat. It’s fun to watch them and see how expressive they are. I love these birds. They are funny, clever, cunning hunters, and quite pretty if you look closely.Continue reading “Grackles”

Photo Contest

A friend sent me information about a photo contest, and so I submitted some entries. As I was making my choices, I realized that all of the images I favored were of unspectacular creatures. A grackle may not be someone’s idea of a prize-worthy image, but I think this one looks amazing. I love grasses–again,Continue reading “Photo Contest”


A pair of Great Horned Owls picked a big, roomy tree to lay its eggs and raise its offspring. Two cute owlets have been growing up under the watchful eyes of mom and dad… and a bunch of excited photographers, me included. They are fluffy and perfect, but not yet mobile, so they sit thereContinue reading “Owls”


When we lived in the Midwest, the first signs of spring came when the weeping willows had the slightest hue of green. It was more a shadow than an actual color, but as soon as you saw it, you knew that spring was on its way. I wish I had taken pictures of it! FurtherContinue reading “Spring”