A writer I listened to warned of writing clichés. Makes sense, I thought. And then: are there clichés in photography? The way to avoid writing clichés, the writer explained, was to stay true to your voice and to make sure that it comes out as you, not something you think readers want to read. ThatContinue reading “Cliché?”

The stump

In the State Park not too far from us there’s a tree stump in a lake. Part of the roots reach up out of the water, and sometimes turtles and alligators rest on the trunk. There’s really nothing all that remarkable about this fallen tree, but it’s somehow different every time I see it. I’veContinue reading “The stump”

Ah, Maine!

Aaah! Anyone who lives in a hot climate knows what a relief it is to spend time in a place like Maine. The temperatures are less oppressive, the humidity manageable, and the food heavenly. What’s not to love? We weren’t far from the coast in a place that allowed us to just breathe and rest,Continue reading “Ah, Maine!”