Lunar Eclipse 2022

The moon is always a fun object to photograph, especially when it’s full. It’s exciting to get a good, crisp image and see the amazing details that are invisible to the naked eye.

But when, as this week, there is a total lunar eclipse, things become really interesting. A few friends and I watched it together–sort of, since we weren’t in the same spot, but communicated by text message–and I took pictures every couple of minutes.

We had perfectly clear skies, it was warm and pleasant, and taking images was easy.

We forget how fast the earth moves until we see our own shadow progress across an illuminated object. Then our speed suddenly becomes very visible.

I was hoping to see some of the red color of the blood moon, but it took longer than I expected. Until there was the first faint hue:

And then things became interesting and we all admired the beautiful result of the eclipse:

Totally worth staying up for!

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