Ah, Maine!

Aaah! Anyone who lives in a hot climate knows what a relief it is to spend time in a place like Maine. The temperatures are less oppressive, the humidity manageable, and the food heavenly. What’s not to love?

We weren’t far from the coast in a place that allowed us to just breathe and rest, and that’s pretty much what we did while we were there.

Yes, lobster, as well as wonderful salads, soups, pastries… Maine’s culinary scene has a lot to offer. We ate in small cafés in Biddeford and Bath, in little restaurants between towns along the coast, and got pastries and fudge from farm stands. Fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh fish… yum! Everything was lovely!

I took this picture through a narrow fence on a deck. This chipmunk was quite high off the ground. This was the first time I realized that these guys can climb trees! While he stocked up on berries for the long winter, he was attacked by a cedar waxwing of a similar size. I guess the bird was eating extra rations for the long trip south.

I loved all the colors in Maine, so many shades of green and grey and brown and blue! Mosses and lichens and rocks… lots to see!

And let’s not forget all the bright colors of flowers in full bloom! So many houses and businesses everywhere had lovingly maintained flower beds and gardens.

I love Maine–coast and inland regions alike–when the weather is warm and gentle. As a former resident of New England I also know about mud season and snow storms and black flies. Winter can be hard and long, but also cozy and contemplative. Summer in Maine is short but wonderful, and this year was no exception. I wish we could spend more time there!

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