An abode without birds…

“An abode without birds is like a meat without seasoning,” says the Harivamsa. From what I understand, India has wonderful breeds of birds, so it would make sense that the love of birds made its way into important Hindu scripture.

Songbirds, shore birds, raptors, corvids… I love them all–especially ravens.

I don’t feel the urge to own a bird; it’s quite sufficient to see them in their natural habitat. Mockingbirds have a lot to say, and it’s fun listening to their repertoire. Ours are getting pretty good at imitating even the cry of red-tailed hawks.

I found this beauty in the zoo. That’s not its natural habitat, but the ostrich is a good example of the variety of birds on earth. Our area has lots of shore birds in all shapes and sizes.

I enjoy all of them and find our abode here greatly enriched by what the area has to offer. Their presence is a constant source of gratitude, for their beauty, their grace, and their ingenuity.

Visiting rookeries is particularly interesting. We can see the parents-to-be build their nests, tend to the eggs, feed their chicks, and then send them on their way. This young (white) Little Blue Heron was not happy to be left behind by its parents. It followed them, squawking loudly. Eventually, the parent escaped, and the chick had to find its own way.

Big or small, melodious or not, I always look for birds. Life would be bland without them.

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