I love pelicans. They are portly, short-legged, slightly awkward-looking with oversized, pouchy bills. Sitting on the ground, they remind me of dignified old gentlemen at an English club.

Brown pelicans are equally wonderful to watch, a complete delight for me.

White or brown, I adore them, especially when they fly. Their elegance and grace are unmatched, I think, and I can never see them without taking a moment to stop and watch.

Their unhurried movements, calm demeanor, and complete control in the air are a marvel to me.

Watching them hunt in open water is a thrill… seeing them dive bill first into the see is fantastic. I haven’t been able to get close enough to get decent pictures but hope to find a way at some point. I don’t live close enough to the coast to have easy opportunities.

Still, there are lots of fun pictures to take on lakes near where I live. And every time I see them, my love for them is confirmed.

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