Interesting insight

Today’s pictures are random. They just illustrate something I learned recently, something I found very interesting.

When I first started sharing pictures on social media, I gave explanations of what the images showed. Look at this yellow-rumped warbler, or look at the beautiful markings on that stone figurine above. And some people liked it, but it seemed that quite a few didn’t care, and I understood that.

But then I got really busy and posted images without comment. After awhile someone remarked how lovely it was to see an image without words. I thought, well, that makes my life easier, and so I only rarely explained what people were looking at, or only if someone asked.

Recently, a friend commented on how restive it was to look at a picture or two in the morning and just be allowed to think her own thoughts, without having to process information, or even decide if she likes it.

It hadn’t occurred to me, but now it makes perfect sense: we are bombarded with information from the second we look at any device in the morning. Temperature, weather, politics, school or work, even art and music. So, contemplating the moon in peace can be very restive, even if this moment of rest only lasts a few seconds.

It’s changed how I look at images online. Instead of trying to figure out where something was taken or what exactly it shows, I, too, allow images to just speak to me in their own way. To draw me in, provide me with beauty and, yes, a moment of rest.

Now, how lovely is that!

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