Corvids are birds–they have nothing to do with the infamous virus of a similar name–and include crows, ravens, jays, and others. Pictured above is a rook, this one happened to be in France.

I love all birds but have a special fondness for corvids, especially ravens. I grew up with crows all around me but had few opportunities to see ravens. We also had lots of magpies, those loud and self-assured birds who seem to do whatever they want, including stealing shiny things.

Now I live in a hot climate and see crows, bluejays and magpies only during winter. But when we lived in a mid-Atlantic state, crows were everywhere. Indeed, so many arrived each fall that a man down the street from us carried a broom to take out his trash, for fear he might get attacked. I can’t imagine that he ever did, but he dreaded crows.

Corvids are intelligent, loyal, and yes, noisy. They have an opinion and share it, and disagreements are never secret. I have also observed ravens giving gifts to each other outside of breeding time.

It is not realistic at this time, but if I could live anywhere I would choose to be near ravens. I have a few ideal spots in mind… but they are not ideal for us at this time. Until then I will visit when I can… and take pictures.

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