Our surroundings

We are surrounded by beautiful things, but we don’t always see them. Now that most people have to stay within a small radius of their homes, learning to see the beauty around us is more important than ever.

It’s no secret that I love birds. They are cute, beautiful, and their chirping cheers me up. So when I go out with my camera, birds are what I gravitate to. But instead of pretending that birds and other animals exist purely in nature, without human intervention, I am challenging myself to pay more attention to man-made scenes and the beauty they may hold.

But not only birds create beauty around us, people do it, and sometimes very simply.

This young man spent time at a pond that holds very little fish. Birds come and compete for what’s there, so this setup with cooler and multiple fishing rods was quite ambitious. But he found a way to spend time on a hot summer day doing what he loved. And with his umbrella and this great reflection in the water he created beauty, as well.

And then there’s this scene. The umbrella provides shade for the bricklayers, but my first thought was that the new homeowners couldn’t wait to move in, and thus put up the sun umbrella to enjoy the first afternoon on their new patio. A moment of humor at a construction site.

Is this beauty? Why not? This roofer worked on a very hot day–temperatures reached over 105°F–but he found a way to look good and get a little shade under his hat. He and his crew spent two days working on this roof, climbing up and down, working on this dark surface that must have been hot to the touch.

Nevertheless, Mother Nature does beauty like no one else. A few clouds, a few rays of sunshine, and bingo. The most amazing colors. Completely effortless beauty that reminds me to keep things simple.

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