A newly-found park

Covid-19 makes it hard to go places. Either it requires travel of the kind that isn’t advisable right now, or the parks are closed or severely restricted. Therefore it was a great pleasure to realize that there is a park within good driving distance that we had not yet explored. We went there and weren’t disappointed.

It poured when we got there–after weeks without rain, this was the day it poured–so at first we saw literally nothing. We drove on a narrow paved road in rain so heavy that we couldn’t see what was to the right or the left. But when the rain cleared and we dared go on the unpaved road, there was a huge surprise: a sizeable flock of wood storks. I had never seen them in real life, and what a pleasure to see so many!

White-faced ibis flying over the misty landscape, followed by nighthawks, ducks of all sorts and crows… a lovely variety of birds. We also saw a bobcat but were unable to get a picture, and this guy who came out of the marsh to charge at us unexpectedly:

Definitely too close for comfort!

The wet weather made for a few comical views. It’s hard to look dignified right fresh out of a shower, no question.

But we also saw beautiful lotus flowers that thrived in the rain.

We will definitely be back! I can’t wait to see everything with blue skies.

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