Simple things

A young tree in a field. I keep going back to simple things like this. Their beauty isn’t flashy, and yet I find them amazing and wonderful to look at.

A young mockingbird sitting in our hibiscus tree. It hasn’t quite learned to sing yet; it’s still in the stage where it cries for food when it sees its parents. But it is big enough to explore its surroundings, and the little tree is perfect for that.

Society garlic is a humble plant: just a few long, narrow leaves and a stalk with tiny flowers. Not suited for people who love flashy things, but the flowers photograph well, I think.

And how about the simple spider web? We mostly want to get rid of them, but spun above a lake, they can look intriguing.

When I look at the collection of photographs that I consider special, I find that the simple ones are the ones I go back to. I love action shots, but often it’s those quiet ones that mean most to me.

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