I love flowers. I love their structure, their colors, their variety, their fragrance… how can anyone not love them? Taking closeups of flowers has taught me a lot about their structure and revealed a few things I had not noticed before.

Gerber daisies have a purple stripe on the orange petals… who knew? This discovery was wonderful, although some of my friends didn’t find it nearly as cool as I did.

The butterfly bush has colors that appeal not only to butterflies, but also to me. And the structure is amazing! We probably see these bushes often during the summer without really looking at the structure of their blooms.

Some of my friends are gifted gardeners, so I often go and take pictures of their treasures. Since I don’t like to weed I have most of my plants in containers. But real gardeners aren’t satisfied with pots, and I can see why.

Having a whole bed of hollyhock is so much more pleasing than three impatiens in a pot. It works for me, but maybe one day I will overcome my dislike of weeding and grow a big flower garden. One can always hope.

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