Beautiful things… at home

This was supposed to be the year of lots of travel for me. Three different continents were on the list. But then fires broke out in one area, and now we’re in the middle of Covid-19. Travel is impossible, even short trips. In fact, State Parks and even neighborhood parks are closed.

My garden, that of a neighbor who is stuck elsewhere, and my dog walking routes have become interesting in a new way. Flowers are in bloom, song birds visit, anoles and insects stop by.

We are by no means impoverished, even if our radius has shrunk. In fact, I have taken some of my favorite pictures within a few miles of our house.

Hopefully I can travel next year without fires, viruses, or other dangers. Hopefully nature will have an opportunity to replenish itself while humans are stuck at home. Until then, I am grateful for the beauty that is plentiful in my neighborhood.

Sometimes you have to look closely, sometimes you have to be quick.

But there’s always something.

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