Reptiles great and small

We’re surrounded by reptiles. Everywhere we go, there are turtles, anoles, alligators. Photographing them has become a joy, especially alligators of all sizes.

For someone who didn’t grow up seeing alligators, they are a constant thrill. Watching them compete for females is amazing — and terrifying. Seeing them hunt is understanding how deadly serious it is if someone would get in their way.

But babies are actually kind of cute…

And then we have anoles. I have come to love these comical little lizards that can hide in plain sight and scurry all over the place.

But my favorite of all are soft-shell turtles. I had never seen anything so unusual.

They seem to get along quite well with their red-eared neighbors, but they are much more shy and careful. They are the first ones to slide into the water when they sense danger.

And then there are these little friends 🙂

Never a dull moment!

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