Photo Contest

A friend sent me information about a photo contest, and so I submitted some entries. As I was making my choices, I realized that all of the images I favored were of unspectacular creatures. A grackle may not be someone’s idea of a prize-worthy image, but I think this one looks amazing.

I love grasses–again, very unspectacular, but so intricate and colorful. I take images of them throughout the year, and each phase has its own beauty.

The humble dragonfly, but what amazing detail! I am always impressed by their intricate patterns.

The ibis had a hard time on this windy day. It had landed on a very flimsy perch and barely held on before it was able to find a better grip on these branches.

All the images I submitted were of birds, insects, plants that surround me. They are neither rare nor hard to find; but I hope that showcasing their beauty elevates them beyond the everyday status they have for most people here.

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