When we lived in the Midwest, the first signs of spring came when the weeping willows had the slightest hue of green. It was more a shadow than an actual color, but as soon as you saw it, you knew that spring was on its way. I wish I had taken pictures of it!

Further south spring comes early and with an explosion of color. No soft hue of green but immediate bursts of bright colors that are impossible to overlook. One day everything is brown, the next a rainbow of colors washes over the land.

Soon, the trees will have leaves, and then it’ll he much harder to detect the birds in them. Already the mockingbirds are protecting their trees with loud and melodious songs that last through the night, and the other song birds build their nests where they can.

Spring is a great awakening, and it’s special wherever we are. I love all seasons, but spring is louder and more boisterous, and I enjoy it immensely.

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