The Berkshires

The Berkshires in winter are magical. I arrived on a nippy day with very little snow on the ground. But it was foggy and the weather was about to change, so I took pictures of all the different stages we were witnessing.

A hike in a nature preserve revealed hints of spring: the local beaver had come out of hibernation and continued building its lodge. At one point on our hike it made an appearance:

Such an amazing surprise! We watched it swim back and forth and then take a sizable branch and disappear under water with it.

After the fog cleared later that day, we were able to see more of the view. The landscape is beautiful, so it was a treat to see farther than a few yards. Then the rain came and right after, snow.

A late February snow will not stick around very long, but it was lovely to see, and we enjoyed watching it accumulate in front of the house. My visit was short, but sweet!

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