What is beautiful?

A branch in water. Is it beautiful? Assuming that it is, then the next question I ask myself is: Is it worth documenting? Is it worth sharing?

These questions can go on indefinitely. I guess if we keep questioning things, nothing will ever get done. I liked this branch in the water and took several pictures of it from different angles. Each one came out well, and so here it is.

But what about this picture?

I made a stupid rookie mistake and ended up with a bunch of blurry, overexposed pictures. Not much beauty there! But I liked how the shrike at the top of the tree yells at the hawk who doesn’t care one bit. The image tells a story, although I wish I had checked my camera settings and the birds would fit better into the picture. As annoying as my mistake was, in the end the story had more weight for me than the annoyance.

Well, at least this is beautiful, right? It’s a tiny detail in a huge mural featuring a train. I was thrilled when I discovered it. My conclusion: If the story is good, there’s beauty. Not fine art, no question, but still beauty. And that’s worth sharing.

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