Beauty of a different kind

An online group of amateur photographers I belong to seems to feel that beauty is limited to nature. The members post truly stunning images of landscapes, seascapes, animals, meadows–breathtaking beauty. I love those images and take pictures like these myself, but this group always makes me want to be a little bit rebellious.

Building materials like these (used in roads) can have a beauty all their own, and I love finding unexpected objects that make for interesting art. When I took this picture, a small boy asked me what I was doing. I told him that I thought these piles of stakes and clamps looked beautiful. He looked at them for a second and then said, “Yeah! I hadn’t thought of that.”

I saw these wheelbarrows behind a church that was being renovated. All neatly lined up and secured against a coyote fence so that no one will steal them. Even color-coordinated 🙂 If this isn’t beautiful!

Rebelling against the desire to showcase pristine beauty is silly, but every now and then I need to show something that’s a little more edgy.

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