Orley Travels


Orley travels … the world, the area, or just around the neighborhood. Sometimes the journey only goes as far as our backyard fence. Not where I travel, but how, is important here. The camera is a constant companion, so pictures are plentiful. Some will find their way onto this site, as part of the blog for example. And the picture gallery will be updated regularly.

I am not Orley. Rather, I use Orley as a concept: It is my quest to find beauty every day, sometimes in unusual places. Right now it’s just me (Susanne) on this site, but eventually Orley may also feature the travels of others. The goal always is to feature beautiful things in beautiful places.

Our dogs are an important part of my journey; without them much of the travel around the area wouldn’t happen. They are excellent companions for photography because they know when to stay still and just wait for a picture to be taken. Here they are.

In addition, I travel with my husband, a friend, or a family member, or even alone. No matter where I go, I almost always bring back a picture of something. It’s a joy to connect to my surroundings by noticing the beautiful things, even if it’s graffiti on a gritty street or a pile of bolts in a construction site. Beauty doesn’t have to be nature, although I have a special fondness for birds, especially raptors.

Feel free to travel with me, as Orley finds beautiful things in beautiful places.